Jason Bateman pulls a “BATE” and “SWITCH” in this 2010 rom-com starring Jennifer Aniston and a cup of sperm.  That’s right people.   The war is over. We can finally use semen as a major plot point in a mainstream motion picture!  Jennifer wants a baby, but not Jason’s baby, he’s too far into the friend zone for her, and she should know!   This NBC FRIENDS star, the woman who launched a thousand lesser “Rachel” haircuts finds a donor (Patrick Wilson) who is willing to give up the white gold.  Only, Jason, in the last minute while drunk as a skunk, plays a shell game with the sperm samples and makes THE SWITCH, ultimately getting his seed scattered in the gardens of Aniston.   Don’t worry, we’ll get to the Romance.  Just give us 101 minutes and a kid who acts like an even more disdainful Jason Bateman. 

Our heroes Dave and Noah fill out a sperm donor application form and discuss the finer points of lying to get ahead in life.  We recall parties we attended that were weirder than Aniston’s insemination party in the movie.  Dave's party involved dressing up a cat in antlers.  Noah finds out what Garrison Keilor on Propofol would sound like.  Cocktails are cornered and we enlist the aid of Kafka to help us out of this mess.

Thanks for listening! 

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