In October of 2011 two fatties disappeared into a St. Paul apartment while reviewing Practical Magic for a podcast.  A week later their footage was found. 

Practical Magic (1998) Starring Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Diane Wiest and, according to Dave, "A Whole lotta other Witchey crap."  Our Heroes recount horrific happenings of yore and actually dabble in a little sorcery of their own.  Warning:  the last person to download this podcast had only seven days left to live...Break the curse and pass this episode along - lest your next bumper crop of candy corn be plagued by the Jeepers Creepers creature!  

Happy Halloween!  Thanks for listening.

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...and Avril Lavigne has NOTHING to do with it!  This week, our heroes Dave and Noah have been breached!  While taking cover, the spirit of Janny Joppers pays them a visit.  Noah dons his "Dear Flabby" hat while Dave challenges him to a debate about matrimonial moral ambiguity.  By moral we mean oral.  More Oral. So kick back, pour yourself a glass of merlot and put on your mother's most billowy blouse.  We are about to O-M-G and NEVER leave!

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Always a Bridesmaid, never a Byerly's. Oh Brother!  While you were WIGGing out with Kristen, our heroes Dave and Noah put on their gumshoes and got down to brass tacks about what really goes on in them GIRLS ONLY bridal showers. Along the way, we discover that we are only as sick as our secrets, Dave reveals ALL, Noah talks about how sitting next to a large black man can shape your movie going experience, and we all realize what it truly means to KEEP IT GUMMY!

Thanks for listening.

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This isn't just a catchphrase from a Home Box Office situation comedy.  It's a full-fledged movie, missy!  In this episode, Dave is put to the test, Noah recounts the horrors of a surprise retirement party, and we all find out what it really means to "sell your soul to the devil of crappy". 

Thanks for listening!  

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