They’re not Marooned, they’re just morons.  Amanda Bynes, Chris Carmack, Fred Willard, Kathy Griffin and Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air team up with the man who brought you Blue Lagoon and Flight of the Navigator!  Amanda Bynes pines for the affection of Pop Legend Jason Masters and corners him on a private party yacht.  They both go overboard and wash up on a deserted island...or is it?  Jason is hobbled and can’t move.  Luckily he has his number one fan to tend to his every desert island need.  This movie is basically Stephen King’s Misery rebooted as an Archie comic come to life!  Now go on and watch it, you dirty birds!  

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Hail to the Holmes, she’s our nation’s First Daughter, Hail to Joey, that hot chick from Dawson’s Creek.  Hail to this flick that came out in Twenty-Oh-Bore, Her dad was Batman and her mom’s from ID4!  
Katie Holmes, Marc Blucas and Michael Keaton star in this Romulan-Com about our nation’s First Daughter and her pointed attempt to flee the coop and cut those presidential apron strings.  Her father’s up for re-election and Katie’s up for some Thirsty Thursdays and hoochie-coochie bartop dancin’!  But how can she have a normal college life when her not-so-secret service men are on her tail?  They’ll have to keep an eye on her, or risk chasing liberty -oops...that’s another movie.  Or is it?  

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This is certainly one doodle that can’t be undid.  Remember 2007?   Bush was on his way out and our brains were fried over-easy on a home skillet called Juno, starring Ellen Page, Jason Reitman, Jennifer Garner and the color orange. The story is simple:  Girl meets boy, girl gets preggo, and girl Leggos her baby to some super well-off peeps.  Then girl decides to re-meet boy.  All in a semester’s work, half pint!

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Eddie Money doesn’t want to let you go ‘till you see the light..and we don’t want to let you go ‘till you see this flick.  That’s right folks, they all can’t be stinkers!  Take Me Home Tonight Starring Topher Grace, Anna Faris and Dan Folger.  It’s the late Eighties, mateys, and Topher, who’s a recent graduate of MIT (yeah you know me), is working at Suncoast video, refining his quarter life crisis. He runs into his former highschool crush and accompanies her to a Labor Day party, lying about what he does for a living.  A BMW is stolen, cocaine is consumed, dance offs are had and some P.Y.Ts get busy on a trampoline. Party Hardy, Marty!  

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The Wedding Singer becomes a dead ringer!  In 2011’s Just Go With It, Adam Sandler plays house with Jennifer Aniston in order to woo a swimsuit model.  Oh what a tangled web they weave when they first practice to deceive...if only we could deceive ourselves from ever watching this in the first place.  This is an unintentional horror film about what happens when you decide to leave your wedding ring on when you go get a drink.  Spoiler alert, they end up in Hawaii, and we end up gettin’ Hawaiian punch-drunk.

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