Drew Barrymore is Preggo, looking for a mate, this flick's straight from '98!  Home Fries, a tender tale about a fast food worker who witnesses 2nd degree manslaughter, only to unwittingly fall in love with the perp...Luke Wilson.  We can't blame her, but you can, if you want.  Have it your way!
Our heroes Dave and Noah bring you tidings of comfort and resentitude. We delve deep into Dave's psyche to uncover what kind of guest he really is bringing to the table.  We talk turkey, football, Gary Busey lineage and the proper way to address the creator of the Twilight Zone.  Dave caps it all off by ordering the death of 30 black Friday participants by way of our newest creation: turkey pox. Our cocktail corner is dive-bombed by kamikazes, our palette cleanser has a WHALE of good time refreshing our psyches and Dave sends us off into a tryptophanic coma with a special message to the turkeys.  Thanks for listening!
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If 2009 taught us anything, it is to never mind the Bullocks, even if they’re Sandy!  The Proposal starring Ryan Reynolds and Ms. DIE HARD ON A BUS herself, the congenial Sandra Bullock.  Ever feel like you are two inches from being “Deee-POR-ted”?  Just grab your hot personal assistant and play the Green Card, because it is Everywhere You Want To Be!

Our heroes Dave and Noah reminisce on a fatty sleep over that involved vodka infused with Florida Lemons and a stack of awful dvds.  Noah sifts through 101 proposal ideas from Cleveland’s Premiere wedding Dee-Jay Blog.    

Are Rom-coms alienating you?  Feeling empty inside?  Well fear not!  Dave can see that God-shaped hole in your heart from space and he is ready to fill it with our new religion: Fattyology!  Reach out, download and touch faith! (After pressing play).

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Don’t be fooled by the rocks that he got!  Ryan Gosling learns that Love don’t cost a thing!  This Twenty-Eleventy gem stars Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and Josh Groban.   

This week our heroes Dave and Noah learn how to be FIERCE, how to be FLY, and above all FLAWLESS.  Plus our very own Popcorn Salad recipe is revealed...Patent Pending!

Dave regales us with the trials and tribs of secretly imbibing at a discount theater while Noah dresses him up in his love…of Gentlemen’s Quarterly.  Admiral Ackbar sets a trap only Dave can deliver us from and we all learn how the words OLD and FASHIONED shouldn’t necessarily be shunned...  Just pushed to a corner….the COCKTAIL CORNER, of course!  MAKE IT WORK, FATTIES, MAKE IT WORK!!!  

Thanks for listening! 

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This 2007 comedy is proof positive that Noah doesn't know Cheech from Chong. Starring Anna Faris, John Krasinsky, Adam Brody and Jane Lynch. Our heroes Dave and Noah reckon with the horrors of post-Regan-Era-Carbface and rend their garments at the sight of Jim from "The Office" committing acts of Onanism. Noah's unresolved past with a certain Oscar is revealed and Dave offers us the only way out....which is through a corner...a cocktail corner. Download if you dare...but realize that you'll never look at Ferris wheels the same way again. 

Thanks For Listening!  

Email whenharrymetfatty@gmail.com for love advice.  Fatty wants a letter!

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