Hey!  You got your Chauvinism in my Chivalry. Hey!  You got your Chivalry in my Chauvinism.  Two great tastes that taste great together….in HELL!  In this 2009 delight Gerard Butler makes Katherine Heigl eat a plate of humble pie, but not before he gets his just deserts!  I apologize, its after midnight and I haven’t been fed. Don’t tell Mr. Wing.  Mogwai!

Heigl, which isn’t just an exercise you do to make your vagina strong, is a romantically challenged morning show producer.  Butler is a cable access misanthrope who lands a job on her show, all the while landing a place in her heart. He’s going to show her the ropes in the game of love…but careful, Gerry, you might just end up against the ropes! 

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