If 2009 taught us anything, it is to never mind the Bullocks, even if they’re Sandy!  The Proposal starring Ryan Reynolds and Ms. DIE HARD ON A BUS herself, the congenial Sandra Bullock.  Ever feel like you are two inches from being “Deee-POR-ted”?  Just grab your hot personal assistant and play the Green Card, because it is Everywhere You Want To Be!

Our heroes Dave and Noah reminisce on a fatty sleep over that involved vodka infused with Florida Lemons and a stack of awful dvds.  Noah sifts through 101 proposal ideas from Cleveland’s Premiere wedding Dee-Jay Blog.    

Are Rom-coms alienating you?  Feeling empty inside?  Well fear not!  Dave can see that God-shaped hole in your heart from space and he is ready to fill it with our new religion: Fattyology!  Reach out, download and touch faith! (After pressing play).

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