You don’t have to answer.  There’s no need to speak.  I’ll be your belly dancer, Prancer and you can be my sheik!  Owen Wilson spends a Midnight at his Oasis in Woody Allen’s  romantic ode to nostalgia and art: Midnight in Paris (2011).  Also starring Rachael McAdams, Kathy Bates and Marion Cotillard.

Our heroes Dave and Noah reveal their nesting habits when it comes to taking in a show at The Riverview discount theater.  They navigate past  indelible foes such as Clickity-Clackity Laptop Girl and a Super-Chatty Pair of Bears.  Rawrzies! 

Dave tells of a time when he was once but a poor starving artist wandering the streets of Paris.  Noah imparts his hatred of Art House Laughter and we all bone up on our knowledge of The Big Woody.  Thanks for listening! 

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