You don’t need to discuss much.  Just drop off the Gig…li…and get yourself free.

This Rom Com gone wrong starring Ben Affleck and former In Living Color Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez was one of many horrible ways to turn three as a Twenty-first Century.  But Eight years later, we still can’t shake it: a hitman with a heart of gold, a lesbian assassin on the cusp of a lapse in her sexual identity…a lapsian, if you will, and WE WILL!  And Justin Bartha, who plays someone with a serious case of the R-Words. And by “r-words” we mean “rap-words”.  TestiFLY!  Come with us, cuz there must be fifty ways to lose your noodle.

Noah emerges from his nanowrimo spiderhole. Dave puts his optometry skills to work in vetting the truthiness of a J-Lo speech about eyeball assassination.   We learn how to make Muff Divers as a coping mechanism for pointless, plottless, Pitter-patter patois and Noah brings it home with a list of worst things to happen in 2003 besides Gigli.  For dessert, Dave offers up a salvo of Sappho for our suffering.

Thanks for listening!

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