Hail to the Holmes, she’s our nation’s First Daughter, Hail to Joey, that hot chick from Dawson’s Creek.  Hail to this flick that came out in Twenty-Oh-Bore, Her dad was Batman and her mom’s from ID4!  
Katie Holmes, Marc Blucas and Michael Keaton star in this Romulan-Com about our nation’s First Daughter and her pointed attempt to flee the coop and cut those presidential apron strings.  Her father’s up for re-election and Katie’s up for some Thirsty Thursdays and hoochie-coochie bartop dancin’!  But how can she have a normal college life when her not-so-secret service men are on her tail?  They’ll have to keep an eye on her, or risk chasing liberty -oops...that’s another movie.  Or is it?  

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