What do you get when you put Billy Crystal, John Cusack, Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, Hank Azaria, Stanley Tucci, Seth Green, Rain Wilson, The Hyatt Hotel, A sixty pound fatsuit, a billowy poolside figure in white, Christopher Walken, a bunch of Hebrew-esque humor, press junkets and a terrible Spanish accent? 

Well…you get another reason to crack open that jug of Drano and call it a life.  But before that happens, listen to your heart.  Your so-sweet-its-pre-diabetic-heart.   The year is still young, and this is America.

America’s Sweethearts(2001), a movie about movies that centers around everything we don’t care about with movies: Press Junkets and publicity.  Two publicists try to mend a broken relationship between two celebrities who used to give America a reason to believe in love.  A sloppy love triangle ensues, replete with scrambled eggs being tossed into a lap.  Spoiler!

Dave and Noah steal a house. Podcasting from this venue inspires them to make a few resolutions.  Dave raids the liquor cabinet and finds crappy snacks while Noah reveals a shameful, shameful secret.  Noah eats a bag of nuts while Ollie looks on, his eyes dead, his mouth panting, his tongue yearning.  Happy New year, and thanks for the listen!        


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