This Halloween Dave and Noah experience love at first bite! After they finish their Hershey'sn KitKat bars they watch 2013's Warm Bodies starring Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, and that awesome dude from Hot Tub Time machine.  

The little boy from Nick Hornby's About a Boy is all "growed-up" and wearing Edward-Twilight-white-face for this daring romantic comedy about a zombie that puts down the brains for a beautiful blonde. This film turns Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet on its severed ear, giving us a Julie (Teresa Palmer) whose creepily powerful dad (John Malkovich) doesn't want her messing around with those goddamned Z-words, no matter how cute and red-hoody-licious they are. Join us as we witness the making of an inter-mortal relationship.  We've got corpsey-fever! We've got corpsey-fever!

Dave and Noah get fierce and flawless as they put their fashion skills to the test by giving Hollywood's classic monsters the makeover of their dreams!

Michael Cera jokes are made and we belatedly mourn the passing of Dostoevsky.  

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