This week Dave and Noah discover that there’s always room for J-LO!  They are subjected to 2001’s The Wedding Planner which stars Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras.

Former In Living Color Fly Grrl J-Lo has put down the cross-colors and picked up a palm pilot, becoming San Francisco’s premier wedding planner. However, the only thing she couldn’t plan for was falling in love with the groom of one of her biggest clients!  That’s right, chollo, our former Maid in Manhattan is fare-hopping her way onto the McConaughey express, but not before the evil blonde bride Bridgette Wilson-Sampras can put a stop to it!  

The stakes have never been higher than medium rare. 

Dave and Noah plan each other’s weddings. And we ordain the next Sausage Queen.

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