This week Dave and Noah take a joyride, but not with '91 Swede-rock sensation Roxette,  they join the two Coreys in a Caddy for 1988's License to Drive, starring Corey Haim, Heather Graham, Corey Feldman and a bottle of champagne so big, you'll never be able to fit it in your glove compartment!

After flunking his written test for a driver's permit, Corey Haim gets asked out by the hottest Roller Girl in California.  She's got a brand new pair of rollerskates and he's got the keys to his Grampa's precious Cadillac.  But will he be able to get caddy back to his daddy in one piece? 

Dave shares his surefire methods of study for any student receiving a driver's education. Noah let's his inner gearhead shine and we pay tribute to a Corey who was put in Haim's way.

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