This week Dave and Noah BUG OUT on 1986's Lucas, starring Corey Haim, Kerri Green, Charlie Sheen, Wynona Ryder and Jeremy Piven.  What Corey Haim lacks in social skills, he more than makes up for in his love for bugs!  While out on one of his entomological quests, he comes across one damn fine specimen: Kerri Green, the new girl in town.  He falls for her, but school begins and she yearns to take to the fields as a cheerleader. Corey joins the football team and endures a heap of homoerotic torture just to earn her love...but her heart has taken a shine to wide receiver Charlie Sheen. Winning!

Dave flies to Burbank, California to interview the composer of Lucas' score. Noah suffers PTSD from having to watch a movie that involves sports. 

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