This week Dave and Noah take the McDreamy Express back to sKool!!!  1987's Can't Buy Me Love stars Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Peterson, Seth Green and Malachai from Children of the Corn!  Before he became Dr. McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey was 'lil McSpazzy, and through a convenient turn of events he secretly pays the most popular girl in his high school one grand to date him for a month.  Popularity, sex, and a snazzy Columbus Day dance ensue, only to quickly succumb to a miscalculated tsunami-esque abundance of emotions, feelings and boring-ass intimacy. A young and annoyingly precocious Seth Green couldn't have said it better, "Something stinks in Suburbia."

Dave and Noah share who they would like to rent for a month and Dave gives us a Palette Cleanser that puts the "ore" in "Whore"!

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