Don’t be fooled by the rocks that he got!  Ryan Gosling learns that Love don’t cost a thing!  This Twenty-Eleventy gem stars Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and Josh Groban.   

This week our heroes Dave and Noah learn how to be FIERCE, how to be FLY, and above all FLAWLESS.  Plus our very own Popcorn Salad recipe is revealed...Patent Pending!

Dave regales us with the trials and tribs of secretly imbibing at a discount theater while Noah dresses him up in his love…of Gentlemen’s Quarterly.  Admiral Ackbar sets a trap only Dave can deliver us from and we all learn how the words OLD and FASHIONED shouldn’t necessarily be shunned...  Just pushed to a corner….the COCKTAIL CORNER, of course!  MAKE IT WORK, FATTIES, MAKE IT WORK!!!  

Thanks for listening! 

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